Anshu Banerjee



Anshu Banerjee

Registration for the World Polio Day 2022

You will shortly be leaving the Rotary event website for in-person event registration on the World Health Organization’s INDICO platform.


By registering for World Polio Day 2022 and Beyond taking place at the World Health Organization, the World Health Organization will provide Rotary International access to your registration data. Rotary International will use your registration data to send you an optional survey. Privacy is important to Rotary, and Rotary will use your registration data according to Rotary’s Privacy Policy 

Rotary will photograph/film World Polio Day 2022 and Beyond. By attending the event, you consent to be recorded and to the use, publication, exhibition, distribution, reproduction, live streaming, and licensing of the recordings in any media worldwide. If you do not agree to being photographed/recorded, please remove yourself from the photograph/recording.


By agreeing to the above, please proceed to in-person event registration.